Come join us as we minister God's Gospel to our little corner of the world. Each one of us has been given a gift that we are commanded to use for the furtherance of the Gospel. Some of us are called to be helpers, some are to encourage others, some are called to be preachers, some are evangelists, and even some are called to give the ultimate, their lives. We believe that we are the preachers, but doing it in a different way than giving a message by word only as a pastor would. We give the same message through music. Music goes into the inner parts and stirs the soul. Music is a healing force, not only for others, but for us also, even when we don't feel like doing it.
We started this ministry in 1991 and have been anywhere from a sextet to a duet depending on how members come and go. Our first gig was singing on the flight deck of the USS Ranger. We have done picnics, potlucks, church building dedications, conventions, in many different venues and places since that day more than twenty years ago. Through the years God has been good to us and had us minister to just the right people at just the right time. 
For booking information give us a call at 619-890-8805 or email us at  
Go through this site and enjoy!
                                           WELCOME TO -  ABUNDANTSTAR

                                                                  Our Mission is to,
 Spread God's message through Music;
Plant seeds in the Unbeliever;
Feed the Seeker;
and Provide Encouragement with an
Uplifting Spirit for the Believer.  

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